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Easy logotype and graphic design


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Logo Design Studio is an application that helps you with the graphic design facet of corporate branding through a simple process of inserting objects onto a canvas. It's the ideal tool for creating logos and other graphic design elements.

The full version of the program includes close to 850 graphic objects and 215 logotype templates. Those objects are arranged by category: spheres, signs and symbols, sports, alphabet, basic shapes, seals, flags, etc.

Logo Design Studio allows you to apply different effects over each element to give your final product a more professional look, including: transparency, shading, masking, and relief.

It's also possible to add text with a predefined form, for example circular, wavy, bordered, distorted, etc.

Create the perfect logo for your business in just a few steps, and without getting mired in programs like Photoshop or Paint Shop Pro.

Object and template resolution is limited to 72ppi. The number of available layouts and objects is smaller than in the full version. Export and print functions are disabled.